The lovely ladies of Cabin 2 are ready for the dance!

Even in a power outtage, the hair braiding continues.

Jersey Hill (otherwise known as Cabin 1) in all its glory

A familiar sight to all...vroom, vroom...

Campers listen intently to Coach LoPiccolo

Alida van Almelo, Annie Scogin, Randa Jabbour, and Greg Dorchak have a spirited discussion...perhaps about Dathan Ritzenheim?

Super coaches Matt LoPiccolo, Brian Lombardo, Scott Weeks, and Brendan Jackson

Veteran campers Thom Powers and Sam Pecoraro say goodbye to David Patruno and Aim High Running Camp.

Los Malos Chicos Joe, Tom, Chris, Kaitlin, Brooke, Alicia, and Katie.

What a costume! The PBJ's got down and dirty on the volleyball court.

Team Pink-Eye! Marty, Nate, Becky, Shanna, Annie, and Meghan.

Labeling the cabins became quite the trend

Cabin 6 Represent

Jenny, Mia, and their friend the salamander

Katrina Bartell and Mike Clark

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