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Questions? Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Aim High. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email the directors at

Q: Where is Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center?
A: 48 miles north of Utica, NY in the town of Brantingham. If you were a bird it would only be 38 miles! Click here for directions.

Q: What time do you have to wake up each morning?
A: The first run of the day is at 7am, bright and early!

Q: What kind of stuff should I bring to camp?
A: See the What to Bring list made by our camp directors!

Q: What if I'm a vegetarian?
A: Each meal has vegetarian options.

Q: What is a sample day like? When do we go to sleep? Is there free time?
A: See the Sample Day.

Q: Do the cabins have electricity?
A: Yes! There are lights and electrical outlets.

Q: Do the cabins have heating or air conditioning?
A: Nope. The temperature drops at night, but if you have a sleeping bag, you should be fine! Make sure to bring appropriate clothing for chilly mornings and all possible weather.

Q: Can I do my laundry at camp?
A: It depends on your definition of laundry. Rinse and dry methods are popular. Actual washing machines are NOT available.

Q: What's training like?
A: Training varies, including speed drills, hill and water workouts, in addition to distance runs. There are 2 workouts per day. Campers are divided into 8 groups, based on fitness.

Q: Is everyone at camp fast?
A: No! Runners of all levels come to Aim High.

Q: What is the camper-counselor ratio?
A: 8:1

Contact: Jennifer & David Patruno
Jennifer: 315-303-7286
David at work: 315-472-0744

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