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7am - Start off the day with a morning run. The lengths of the runs vary with each group and with each morning. Group 7 may run 15 minutes, while Group 3 runs 30 minutes.

8am - After a shower, breakfast is served! Pancakes are the special this morning, alongwith the usuals including cereal & milk, toast & jam, and fruit. After breakfast enjoy some intense volleyball or relaxing free time.

9:30am - Time for small group talks. Usually there are two speakers and you rotate between them. First talk about goal-setting with Dave, then nutrition with Vicki. It's nice to be in small groups because you can interact with the speakers and ask more questions.

12pm - Lunch time! Sandwiches, salad, fruit, etc. Then shoot some hoops, go for a quick canoe ride, or play some frisbee before the planned afternoon fun.

1:30pm - Now it's time for some team-building exercises! These will help you work with others while having tons of fun!

3pm - Afternoon run: could be a long run, speed drills, water workout, tempo... Then there is time for swimming, showering, and relaxing. Maybe even a nap!

6pm - Dinner time. How about turkey and the fixin's tonight?

8:30pm - Large group speech: tonight we get to hear wisdom from our special guest! Then enjoy making smores over campfires or maybe a late night snack in the dining room and a game of cards.

11pm - Lights out! Get a good night sleep for an exciting day tomorrow.

*This is a rough sketch of how a day goes. Things change everyday. Some days there is more free time than others. There are different speakers every year and new and exciting events each day at Aim High!*

Contact: Jennifer & David Patruno
Jennifer: 315-303-7286
David at work: 315-472-0744

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